After Friesland School recently hosted a visit from esteemed scientist Sir Martyn Poliakoff. This visit appears to have left just as much as an impression on Sir Martyn as it has on the students of Friesland. 

During the visit to Friesland School, Sir Martyn was informed that science classes at Friesland are named after scientists with one class being named after himself and another also bearing the name of his friend and colleague, Sir David Attenborough. Sir Martyn was quite amazed by this fact and wrote to the beloved naturalist and TV presenter to inform him and also make a request. 

That request was for Sir David to contact the school and offer a signed photograph to be displayed in the Science classes named after him. Sir David was only too happy to oblige and sent in a letter to Friesland School. Both the signed photograph and letter are pictured below. The letter reads: 

‘Dear Mrs Bilbie,  

Sir Martyn Poliakoff has written to me, telling me that my name has been given to one of your science classes! – as has his. 

That is indeed a great honour. He also suggested that I might send the class a photograph which I most gladly do and enclose here with. 

I wish you well. 

David Attenborough 

This has touched the whole Friesland School and Trust community as it’s a wonderful gift from one of the most respected naturalists in British history.