2021 – 24  


We are a Trust committed to working together for the benefit of all students across our family of schools. However, we do fully appreciate the need for local identity.  It is with this approach in mind that we have developed our strategic plan.  

Leaders across the Trust are fully committed to striving for excellence in all that we do.   We understand that families trust us each day with their most prized possession i.e their child, and we all are here to serve the students in our care.  Over the next few years, we will be working relentlessly on achieving our vision of ensuring:  

  • All schools are at least good within three years of joining the Trust, and most schools to be judged outstanding.  
  • That those students who are at risk of underachieving make at least the same progress as all students nationally.  
  • That we are consistently in the top 20 highest performing MATs nationally for student outcomes.  
  • The Trust of choice for students, families, and staff.   

We have four strategic anchors which inform the detail of our operations, decisions and staffing structure.    

1. Compelling Culture  

Build a compelling school culture built on strong professional relationships where all can achieve. We aim: 

  • To craft inclusive learning environments where all students can thrive and achieve, 
  • To maximise life choices for all through high quality careers guidance and active engagement with employers. 
  • To build positive relationships within and beyond our schools.   

2. High-value Curriculum  

We craft and implement a high-value curriculum that is knowledge-rich to allow the meaningful application of skills.  We aim:

  • To deliver quality first teaching to all students
  • To provide opportunities for all students to have valuable learning experiences outside of the classroom, which builds social and cultural capital.  
  • To cement students’ academic learning and experiences which build social and cultural capital.  

3. People First  

We put people first through high impact professional development and instructional coaching. We aim

  • To offer a highly attractive career framework to ensure we are genuinely an employer of choice.   
  • To provide relevant, researched informed professional development for all employees so that talent is developed and maximised.   
  • To promote and develop our approach to diversity and inclusion 

4. Empowered to Lead  

We create a healthy organisation, free from politics and confusion through establishing clarity. We aim:

  • To adopt a positive and agile approach to deployment of resources ensuring we work smarter not harder. 
  • To empower all stakeholders to take personal accountability for their contribution to our collective success.  
  • To broaden our civic responsibility by actively seeking innovative strategies and partnerships  

Key strategic projects 2021 – 24  

  • Develop a strategy for students needing an alternative pathway to ensure they have both tailored and high-quality provision which fully prepares them for their next stage in education, training or employment.   
  • Ensure our Sixth Forms offer a high-value curriculum in an adult like environment and we exploit opportunities for students to benefit from different sites.   
  • Launch a talent strategy which maximises our ability to recruit, develop and retain exceptional people 
  • Facilitate an efficient and coherent estates and site strategy to improve working and learning conditions.