TTCT Offer 

The Early Career Framework is the evidence base which underpins this new entitlement for Early Career Teachers’ professional development. It sets out what all Early Career Teachers should learn about, and learn how to do, during the first two years of their careers.  From September 2021: 

  • The induction period will be 2 school years. 
  • Early Career Teachers will be entitled to a programme of training based on the Early Career Framework, as well as the support of a dedicated in-school mentor. 
  • 5% time away from the classroom will be provided for teachers in their second year of teaching.  

The Appropriate Bodies’ role will include checking the provision offered by schools to ensure that Early Career Teachers receive support based on the Early Career Framework. 

Delivery of Early Career Framework  

We are delighted to work closely with the East Midland Teacher Training Programme as a strategic partner. All TTCT NQTs are registered with East Midland Teacher Training Programme to access the Early Career Framework through the Ambition Institute.  The Ambition Institute was instrumental in the pilot of the Early Careers Framework and has developed a high-quality resource bank and training programme.   

Appropriate Bodies  

All our schools register NQTs with an Appropriate Body.  An Appropriate Body: 

  • Registers and monitors the progress of NQTs. 
  • Provides a briefing session for Professional Mentors and NQTs  
  • Reviews the school’s Induction Programme and the delivery model of the Early Career Framework 
  • Gives advice where NQTs are at risk of failure and advising on appropriate support packages for the NQT 
  • Providing advice and guidance on the induction of NQTs for Headteachers/Principals, Governors, Induction Tutors and NQTs 
  • Providing an NQT Induction Tutor Information Pack and NQT Handbook 

Each of our schools has built up a successful relationship with their local Appropriate Body.  Headteachers will be able to confirm which Appropriate Body the school works in partnership with.  

TTCT Professional Studies Programme  

In addition, our NQTs have access to TTCT Professional Studies Programme offer which exposes NQTs to research and facilitates a cross-school network of NQTs.  The programme blends the use of current research along with sharing of practical strategies to support our teachers develop and refine their teaching toolkit.   

School Based Programmes  

Each of our schools has a named senior leader who oversees Professional Development for their site.  All NQTs are also assigned a subject based mentor.  Subject based mentors are experienced members of staff who have had training in coaching staff relatively new to the profession.  Mentors provide set times dedicated for instructional coaching sessions for NQTs.   


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