The Two Counties Trust is a medium-size Trust operating across Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. The Trust was formed on the 1st April 2016. Since its formation, the Trust grew rapidly in the early years and is now at a stage of consolidation. Wesley Davies joined the Trust as Chief Executive in January 2020 and is very much focussed on empowering staff to lead whilst maximising the opportunities to work collaboratively across of family of schools for the benefit of the students and the families the Trust serves.   

TTCT Playbook  

Critical questions    Collective response  
Our mission
Why do we exist?
  • To provide our students with opportunities and experiences to enhance their life choices, making a positive contribution to the world we share.     
Our values
How do we behave?
  • Ambition: we maximise our potential through striving for excellence.  
  • Teamwork:  we give 100% effort, displaying kindness and humility for the benefit of all.   
  • Honesty:  we are respectfully open about our successes and areas for growth.    
What do we do? 
  • We serve our communities by educating and preparing our students for the next steps in their lives.     
How will we succeed? 
  • Creating a healthy organisation, free from politics and confusion through clarity following the empowered to lead operating model.  
  • Building a compelling school culture built on strong professional relationships where all students can achieve.  
  • Crafting and implementing a high-value curriculum which is knowledge rich to allow meaningful application of skills.   
  • Putting people first through high impact professional development and instructional coaching.  
How will we know we have been successful? 
  • All schools will be judged at least good within three of joining the MAT. 
  • Priority students will have made at least the same progress as all students nationally.  
  • The MAT will be in the top 20 MATs in the country for student outcomes. 
  • The Two Counties will be MAT of choice for staff, students, and families.   

The MAT is passionate about improving student outcomes and ensuring all schools are a great place to work and learn.