At the Two Counties Trust time is devoted to ensure what is being taught is intelligently sequenced and planned.  The design and content of the curriculum is the starting point to ensure that we achieve our mission of ensuring all  students leave school with enhanced life choices and fully ready to make a special contribution to world we share.  Curriculum teams work hard to ensure that students are taught the domain of a subject including the best of what has been thought and said.  Leaders and teachers strive to ensure that curriculum not only meets but exceed National Curriculum expectations.   

Two Counties schools curriculum offer has three broad and equally important components: 

  • Academic curriculum consisting our discreet subject lessons taught be subject specialists. 
  • Preventative and empowering pastoral curriculum covering PSHE and Citizenship. 
  • Experiences which build cultural and social capital such as learning outside of the classroom. 

Curriculum Teams  

The curriculum teams are overseen by the Director of Curriculum, who works closely with relevant senior leaders across the Trust to ensure that there is a continually refining of our provision. The Director of Curriculum works strategically with the Director of Assessment & Data to ensure that student data is used to inform curriculum planning rather than assessment just been a measure of the curriculum.   

Ebacc subject each have a Trust Lead who devotes two days a week to subject leadership development in our school.  Subjects that are taught in more than 50% of Two Counties schools have a Subject Champion who co-ordinates improvement activities amongst subject co-ordinators.  The Trust also has various SLEs in each subject that can be commissioned to support improvement projects in any of our schools.    

Schools are developing catch up plans to meet the needs of students in each schools.  As a general principle each school has identified the potential barriers to success than have emerged due to the disruption to learning caused by the pandemic.  Schools have then planned their response using the three tiered approach advocated by Education Endowment Fund toolkit in line with the latest research and evidence base.   

TTCT Curriculum Principles

If you would like further information on the Trust’s approach to curriculum please contact Mrs Sly msly@twocountiestrust.co.uk