At the beginning of May, all five Post 16 centres from across The Two Counties Trust gathered for the first TTCT Sixth Form Sports Tournament.

Throughout the event, various teams competed against each other in a mixture of sporting competitions.

  • A men’s 5-a-side tournament featured teams from all post 16 centres.
  • A women’s team from Ashfield Post 16 Centre faced off against Swanwick Hall Sixth Form in a head-to-head match.
  • Mixed-gender netball matches saw Ashfield Post 16, Swanwick Hall Sixth Form, and Friesland Sixth Form hold a triple-threat tournament.

Every team performed incredibly, with everyone showing themselves to be a credit to their school. However, the overall winners of the tournament were the teams from Ashfield Post 16, who managed to secure victory in all three contests.

Each of the winning team captains from Ashfield was presented with a winners’ trophy by Swanwick Hall Headteacher, Emma Howard.

After the initial success of this first event, Post 16 leaders are currently planning to hold a second tournament in Semester 1. The big question now is whether Ashfield Post 16 will retain their trophies or if another team is waiting in the wings to claim victory.