Over the final weekend of June, a selection of Wilsthorpe students descended upon the Dark Peak area of the Peak District to complete their Silver Duke of Edinburgh award. After a successful practice run in April, our students were more than prepared for the challenges ahead. 

Day 1 saw students and supervising staff meet at Hathersage, before setting off to the campsite. The travel requirements for the Silver level award requires students to travel a distance of 19km (1.8miles) per day. By the time the students had arrived at the campsite, it was time to set-up and get preparing the days hot meal. After a hard day of travelling and campsite organising, all the students were ready for their bed in preparation for the next day’s activities. 

As the morning of Day 2 set in, students emerged from their tents for a day of activities. Students again took off on a journey covering their required 19km, this time traversing the local area. After an arduous day’s hiking students returned to the campsite to take some time to eat, refresh and prepare their presentations. As part of the award, students must create a 10-minute presentation within their groups. The presentation serves as a review of the expedition, showcasing the highs and lows of the trip alongside some personal reflections on the experience. 

On the final day of the expedition, students began the task of tidying up the campsite, taking great care to ensure that the local environment was left exactly as it was found. Students and staff then began their walk back to the original meeting place of Hathersage to bring the experience to a close. 

A well done to all the Wilsthorpe students who took part in the event. This event had been the culmination of months of hard work preparation and planning. The Duke of Edinburgh Award is a challenge that perfectly exemplifies The Two Counties Trust values of Ambition, Teamwork and Honesty. A massive thank you is also due to the Wilsthorpe staff members who willingly gave up their time for the benefit of our students.