At The Two Counties Trust, the safety and wellbeing of our students is at the forefront of our priorities. Six times a year, we adopt a focused approach to safeguarding as part of our Trust-wide campaign, aimed at embedding a deep and vigilant safeguarding culture. These themes are carefully chosen by our team of experienced Designated Safeguarding Leads, ensuring they align with the specific needs of our diverse student body of over 11,000. Central to our safeguarding campaign and culture is the message ‘talk to a trusted adult”.

In term 1, our focus is on what to do if a student has worries about a friend. This focus is particularly timely, considering the influx of new students and potential changes in teaching groups that often occur at the beginning of a school year. We believe it is essential to remind both new and existing students that we function as a close community, guided by our core value of teamwork. This encourages students to reach out and confide in a trusted adult should they hold concerns about a fellow classmate. Assemblies and PSHE (Personal, Social, Health, and Economic) lessons will be dedicated to explore the focus with our students.

By empowering our students with the knowledge that they have a support system in place, we are fostering a culture of openness and trust that is fundamental to their overall wellbeing. Our aim is to create a nurturing culture where students feel safe to voice their concerns and seek assistance when needed.