At The Two Counties Trust, we take literacy seriously, and we are thrilled to share some exciting news from Frederick Gent School. Our students were recently presented with the fantastic opportunity to participate in a national short story writing competition organised by Young Writers. The competition, aptly named “Integer – The Imagination of Numbers,” challenged students to craft captivating mini-sagas of 100 words based on numbers.

We are delighted to announce that the exceptional work of 20 of our students has been selected for publication in an upcoming anthology, scheduled to be released on 23rd June 2023. This anthology will serve as a platform to showcase the literary talents of our students, allowing them to share their imaginative stories with a wider audience. To commemorate this achievement, students have been given the option to purchase their personal copies of the book. Additionally, Frederick Gent School will receive a complimentary copy, ensuring that all students have the opportunity to see their incredible work in print. The book will be proudly displayed in the school’s Learning Hub, where it will inspire readers for years to come.

Miss Gillow, English Teacher, couldn’t be prouder of all the students who participated in this competition. Their creativity and literary prowess have impressed us all. We extend our warmest congratulations to these talented individuals and look forward to encouraging and supporting more of our students to participate in future writing competitions. At The Two Counties Trust, we believe in nurturing and celebrating the literary talents of our students, and this achievement is a testament to their dedication and passion for storytelling. We are excited to see our students continue to excel in their literary endeavours, and we remain committed to providing them with opportunities to showcase their skills and inspire others through the power of words.