On March 14th, schools from The Two Counties Trust converged at Wilsthorpe School for the annual Trust Biology Competition, fostering camaraderie among students while celebrating their passion for science.

This event provided an exciting platform for students to showcase their skills and engage in practical experiments, underscoring the dynamic nature of science education. Despite the competitive spirit, participants exhibited commendable sportsmanship, epitomising the values of respect and perseverance.

Selston High School emerged as the overall champions, embodying the culmination of hard work and dedication. Their victory, however, is just one facet of the invaluable experience gained by all attendees, fostering not only academic growth but also a sense of friendship that transcends competition.

Well done to every student who participated, and a heartfelt appreciation to the dedicated staff whose unwavering support made this event possible. Your commitment to nurturing our students’ passion for learning sets a shining example for us all.