In the true spirit of Christmas, students and staff from several schools within The Two Counties Trust have come together to ensure that no one in their community goes without a meal this festive season. The heart-warming initiatives, each unique, demonstrate a commitment to community, compassion, and the joy of giving.

At Selston High School, Headteacher David Broomhead and Deputy Headteacher Tanya Hall spearheaded a collaborative effort with The Tin Hat Centre in Selston village. Recognising a critical shortage in food bank supplies and heightened demand during the Christmas period, the school organised a food bank campaign. With 35 tutor groups actively participating, the school collected an impressive array of food and toiletries, delivering the largest donation of the year to The Tin Hat Centre.

Ashfield School engaged families and students in their annual initiative to collect tinned and dried items for a local charity. The result was an extraordinary contribution of over 80 boxes of food, filling the school minibus twice! The school’s Uniformed Services students played a vital role in loading and transporting the donations to St Mary’s, where the impact promises to make a real difference.

Swanwick Hall School has a longstanding tradition of annual food bank collections, spanning over a decade. Students and staff joined forces to collect donations for the Trussell Trust South Normanton Branch. This year, the enthusiasm was evident as students filled 17 overflowing boxes with a diverse range of supplies. The annual event has become a cornerstone of the school’s commitment to fostering a sense of community.

For four consecutive years, Wilsthorpe School has partnered with the Canaan Trust, channelling efforts towards supporting homeless people in Long Eaton and the wider community. Students, embracing the spirit of giving, assembled reverse advent boxes during tutor time, donating essential items and crafting Christmas cards for those in need.

The students and staff at Frederick Gent also donned their Christmas jumpers and raised an impressive £462 for Children in Need. The festive sprite extended further as students seized the opportunity to donated food to the local South Norman Food Bank. By the day’s end, five large boxes, brimming with essential items, were on their way to make a meaningful difference in the local community.

As these schools unite to make a real impact, their collective efforts underscore the real essence of Christmas—compassion and support for those facing challenges. The Two Counties Trust commends the students, staff, and communities involved for their remarkable contributions in brightening the Christmas period for those in need.