One of the most enjoyable and rewarding activities that schools within The Two Counties Trust get to partake in, is celebrating student achievement.

These accomplishments can come from a variety of areas such as academic performance where many of our schools have introduced a variation of a star of the week system. Schools also have a number of reward schemes in place for both behaviour and attendance, as well as looking out for students making good contributions to the local community.

Another area for student achievement is within sports. It is always wonderful to see students achieving highly in competitions as well as showcasing prime examples of The Two Counties Trust values of Ambition and Teamwork.

Springwell Community College have been recognising the sporting achievements in a unique way. Very similar to the golden letterboxes of gold medal Olympians. Springwell Community College rewards any of it’s students that represents the school in 25 or more sporting competitions gain a golden peg in their respective changing room.

Over the course of January Springwell proudly added three more pegs in honour of 3 more students. These students will now be forever a part of the school’s history inspiring future generations as role models to be aspired towards.

Congratulations to any and all students that achieve this phenomenal achievement. All of us across The Two Counties Trust can not wait to see what further accomplishments you reach over your time with Springwell!