At The Two Counties Trust, we understand that the transition to secondary school can be both exciting and daunting for Year 7 students. It’s a time of new routines and subjects, but also an incredible opportunity to introduce them to the wonders of learning at a secondary school. Our Year 7 students at Selston High School an unforgettable experience that showcased just how exciting learning can be.

Our Year 7 students had the privilege of meeting acclaimed author Sufiya Ahmed. She shared her journey from India to the UK, her time in Bolton, Lancashire, and her life in London. Sufiya’s career, which started in advertising and led her to work in the Houses of Parliament, captivated our students.

Sufiya introduced our students to her award-winning titles, ‘Noor-Un-Nissa Inayat Khan’ and ‘Princess Sophia Duleep Singh.’ Through her storytelling, she brought history to life, sharing Noor’s WWII mission and Princess Sophia’s Suffragette role.

These sessions weren’t just about listening; students actively participated by dressing up and asking questions. This experience left a lasting impact on our Year 7 students and demonstrated our commitment to literacy at The Two Counties Trust.

We believe in the power of literature to inspire, and Sufiya Ahmed’s visit did just that. This event is part of our broader efforts to foster personal growth and a passion for learning at The Two Counties Trust.