After submitting a fantastic entry to the national Antarctic flag competition in November of 2023. Selston School has proudly reported that their entry created by students has embarked on it’s very own arctic adventure.

Liam O’Brien, a medical doctor with the British Antarctic Survey Medical Unit has graciously transported the Selston designs via the RSS Sir David Attenborough all the way to the South Pole, where they now proudly fly.

Dr O’Brien was also kind enough to take a photo of the flags on their journey. During a routine stop in the Weddell sea in which researchers disembarked the ship via crane into the frozen waters to drill for ice cores. Seizing the opportunity, Dr O’Brien took an unbelievable photo holding the Selston designs.

Students received the photo as evidence of the flag’s journey along with a photograph of the ships internal navigation charts, allowing students to see for themselves the exact journey the flag has taken to reach it’s final destination.

On behalf of our students, Selston High School and The Two Counties trust would like to extend a huge tank you to Dr O’brien and the rest of the crew of the RSS Sir David Attenborough for all their effort in creating what has surely been an unforgettable as well as rewarding moment for our Selston students.

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