Sarah Bailey, Executive Headteacher (Pastoral)

Sarah Bailey joined The Two Counties Trust in the role of Executive Headteacher (Pastoral) in June 2023.

She works closely with the executive team and leads Headteachers to ensure that schools are serving their students in the very best way, and ensuring the best possible outcomes for all. Not only does she place a high value on academic achievements, but also on ensuring students are developed holistically, affording them access to a wide range of experiences and support outside of the classroom. This ensures they are ready and able to contribute to the world we share as well-rounded citizens.

With her extensive experience, including a successful tenure as Headteacher of an inner-city academy in Nottingham, Sarah brings valuable expertise to the Trust. Her previous senior leadership roles across South Yorkshire, the West, and East Midlands have equipped her with a comprehensive understanding of school leadership. Sarah’s particular areas of passion lie in behaviour, safeguarding, attendance, and inclusion.

After studying Physical Education with Qualified Teacher Status at Sheffield Hallam University, Sarah taught PE and psychology, whilst undertaking a number of leadership roles, largely with a pastoral focus.  Her values of humility, kindness and integrity underpin her day-to-day interactions with students and staff alike.