Andrew O’Brien, Executive Headteacher (Quality of Education)

Andrew O’Brien joined The Two Counties Trust in September 2022 and in May 2023 was appointed as Executive Headteacher (Quality of Education).

In his current role Andy is working as part of executive team to support Headteachers to ensure that schools are serving their students in the very best way, and guaranteeing the best possible outcomes for all. A focal point of Andrew’s role is to support colleagues in crafting and implement a high-value curriculum. Andrew is also supporting the Trust careers team in providing students with exceptional guidance to support their future ambitions.

Andy has extensive experience, as both Headteacher and Executive headteacher working across Lancashire and Greater Manchester. Working in both inner-city and rural schools has allowed Andrew to work alongside senior leadership teams to deliver excellence in a range of contexts.

After studying Physical Education with Qualified Teacher Status at Gloucester University, Andy taught PE alongside a number of other roles.  After leading several PE departments, Andy has undertaken a number of leadership roles in a wide variety of pastoral and curriculum areas. Andy has a particular passion for the development of the curriculum and assessment. Within this area Andy has both supported schools and delivered training with a particular focus around creativity and cultural capital.