We are pleased to announce that The Manor Academy has retained its ‘good’ Ofsted rating following an intensive two day inspection on the 30th and 31st January.

The report recognises the academy’s great achievements over the past five years and its unwavering commitment to its three core values stating, ’The school’s values of ambition, teamwork and honesty are evident in the actions of staff and pupils.’ These values are also central to the academy’s culture where ‘there are high aspirations of what all pupils, including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND), can achieve.’

The academy’s carefully planned curriculum was also recognised, with the report stating, ‘The school’s curriculum is ambitious. It is underpinned by the aim that all pupils will develop the knowledge and critical thinking skills they need to be successful during their time in school and beyond’. The inspectors also praised Manor College saying, ‘The sixth-form curriculum is equally ambitious and builds on what pupils have studied in key stage 3 and 4.’

The report also highlights the academy’s quality SEND support underlining, ‘Pupils with SEND achieve well. They successfully learn the curriculum alongside their peers’. This is an area the report particularly commended as they have ‘clear procedures in place to identify pupils’ needs.’ It was highlighted that this commitment influences all areas of academy life including reading where ‘effective support is in place for those who are not yet fluent readers.’ This was celebrated by Ofsted as they noted, ‘Reading is prioritised. Many pupils say that they enjoy reading.’

Inspectors also praised the culture stating, ‘There are high expectations of pupils’ behaviour, and these expectations are increasing all the time.’ The academy works hard to create an environment where everyone is encouraged to be ‘independent and resilient’, as well as ‘prepared for life in modern Britain.’

Katrina Kerry, Headteacher at Manor Academy expressed her pride, stating,

I am extremely proud of the comments made about the quality of education, our leaders have worked incredibly hard to provide an ambitious curriculum that meets the needs of all pupils, especially those with special educational needs and disabilities. It is wonderful to see this recognised by Ofsted and we look forward to working on Ofsted’s targets to make our school even better”.

Wesley Davies, CEO, extended his congratulations to the Manor Academy community, stating,

“I would like to congratulate students, families, and staff on this report and what has been achieved since the previous inspection. Mrs Kerry and her team have worked extremely hard on creating a culture of high expectations, implementing a high-value ambitious curriculum, and ensuring the academy supports students with SEND and I am pleased these have been captured in this report. Well done to the whole Manor Academy community.”