The Two Counties Trust has a very positive reputation locally which has enabled our growth to date.

We recognise the value of consistency coupled with local identity, and as such many of our policies, practices and ways of working are common across the Trust to deliver clarity rather than control, whilst schools retain their own distinctiveness. As a member of The Two Counties Trust all our schools add to our collective diversity.

Members of The Two Counties Trust schools:

  • Maintain their local identity
  • Benefit from common practices, developed by specialists to ensure we do things once and do them well. This approach improves the quality of resources and supports the wellbeing of all employees by reducing workload.
  • Work in partnership with the Trust in an environment which values contribution from all stakeholders.
  • Headteachers receive coaching from the CEO or Executive Headteacher.
  • Work together in a spirit of collaboration, sharing, and understanding that together we are better and stronger.

Our services to schools include:

  • Regular contact with the CEO, Executive Headteacher, Pastoral Director and Curriculum Director, on site, to share, plan and improve operations.
  • Membership to the Senior Leadership Group comprising of all Headteachers and the Trust Executive Team to ensure information is shared, consultation is effective and best practice is shared.
  • Preparations for Ofsted.
  • Specialist Trust Leads for maths, English, Science, Geography, History, MFL and Computer Science. These Leads develop subject specific materials for use across the Trust and support school improvement.
  • Specialist Trust Lead for PSHE.
  • Specialist Trust Lead for SEN who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with your SENCO.
  • A Trust Lead for Safeguarding who leads and develops the network of Designated Safeguarding Leads and delivers safeguarding reviews to ensure your school is compliant and your children are safe.
  • Access to a range of subjects and subject networks through subject champions for PE, Engineering, Design & Technology, Dance, Art, Religious Education, Drama and Music.
  • Opportunities for subject experts to collaborate in a powerful network of like-minded individuals where support is provided, and best practice is shared.
    Internal and external professional development of staff, recognising our one of our priorities of putting people first.

Professional Development

Our aim is to become a recognised centre of excellence for professional development and our we strongly believe in the right of all employees to access high quality personal development which enables them to develop themselves and their career. We offer:

  • Access to a large range of networks and specialists who meet regularly to share knowledge, expertise and reduce workload in ways that can only be delivered by a Trust.
  • Dedicated time for specialists to meet from all schools.
  • Two Trust wide inset days per year enabling colleagues to meet, develop and share ideas.
  • A network of support for ECTs.
  • The roll out of instructional coaching as a right for all employees.