If you are interested in joining our Trust a typical journey is:

1. Exploratory stage

The CEO and key leaders will meet with the Headteacher, Chair of Governors and Board members to discuss what you are looking for, what The Two Counties Trust can offer, and how we operate.

2. Due Diligence

Joining a Trust is a significant decision for both parties and we work collaboratively with prospective schools to undertake mutual due diligence. The Trust works alongside each school to understand their position in respect of all statutory and legal matters including but not exclusively estates, finance, employment, governance and the curriculum using an evidence and risk-based approach.

4. Legal

Both parties appoint a legal advisor to undertake all aspects of the legal transfer to include the Deed of Transfer, Land Transfer, Funding Agreements and TUPE compliance amongst others.

5. Final Approval

Once legal due diligence is completed both Boards will issue a final approval to proceed with the transfer and a timeline to progress.