Friesland School and Friesland Sixth Form have long been recognised for their dedication to providing exceptional opportunities for creative students. This year is no exception, as a group of Year 13 students took the initiative to join an exciting filmmaking project in collaboration with Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU).

Throughout the months of September and October, these students explored the world of filmmaking through a series of carefully designed workshops. Led by MMU Lecturer and former Friesland student, Ben Green, the project not only exposed them to professional equipment and filmmaking techniques but also delved into the intriguing question of how one’s roots influence their identity.

Reflecting on the experience, Ben Green, the filmmaker and educator, shared, “As both a filmmaker and an educator, I’ve been really impressed by the enthusiasm, insight, and positive engagement of the students.”

Returning to a familiar environment as a former Friesland Sixth Former himself, Ben was thrilled to witness an atmosphere that encourages individual development and personal expression. The students he worked with truly embodied these qualities, demonstrating exceptional commitment and producing remarkable work. Together, they are diligently crafting a short film that will serve as a creative reflection of their transformative journey.

Well done to all the students who embraced this unique opportunity.