As part of the GCSE Geography course at Frederick Gent School, students had the incredible opportunity to undertake fieldwork on the East Yorkshire Coast. This field trip was specifically designed to enhance their understanding of coastal erosion management, various rock formations, and the strategies employed to combat erosion.

The students who participated in this excursion had a fantastic experience. They were able to witness first-hand the practical applications of coastal management techniques and observe different rock types along the coastline. By immersing themselves in the subject matter outside of the classroom, the students gained valuable insights that will undoubtedly strengthen their knowledge for future exams and coursework.

One fortunate factor that played in our favour was the weather. Throughout the trip, the students enjoyed favourable conditions, which allowed them to fully engage in the learning experience.

At The Two Counties Trust, we take pride in providing enriching educational opportunities that extend beyond the classroom. Field trips like this empower students to connect with their subjects on a deeper level and foster a greater appreciation for the world around them.