Students at Frederick Gent School were treated to a visit from acclaimed author Mitch Johnson, known for his captivating books tailored for young readers. From the sports story of ‘Kick’ to the thought-provoking environmental thriller ‘Toxic’, Mitch’s literary collection delves into mature themes, resonating deeply with young minds.

During his visit, Mitch actively engaged with the school community, delivering inspiring assemblies, thought-provoking lessons, and an interesting meet-and-greet session, culminating in a book signing during lunchtime. Throughout the day, students eagerly interacted with Mitch, drawn to the profound concepts underpinning his work.

This visit presented a fantastic opportunity for our students to enhance their literacy skills while delving into the complexities of storytelling. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Mitch for generously dedicating his time to enriching the educational experience of our students at Frederick Gent School.