At The Two Counties Trust, Anti-Bullying Week took centre stage with a focus on making a noise about bullying. It hasn’t just been a week of events but a collective push to address and tackle the issue of bullying.

Throughout the week, several schools delivered assemblies tailored to specific year groups. They aimed to raise awareness and encourage students to actively participate in the ‘Let’s Make a Noise about Bullying’ campaign. At Wilsthorpe School, a Year 9 poetry competition winner shared a poem, adding a personal touch to the gatherings.

The commitment to addressing bullying extended to tutor time across all schools. Meaningful discussions and tasks emphasised effective communication and provided guidance on various scenarios, aiming to equip students with skills for positive interactions.

Several schools had competitions encouraging students to submit creative pieces focus on bullying. A variety of pieces were submitted from artwork to poems all aiming to speak out against bullying.

Swanwick Hall School introduced 16 ‘Anti-Bullying Alliance’ trained ambassadors across Years 8 – 11. These ambassadors will serve as a support system, trained to listen and refer concerns to trusted adults.

At Selston High School, students wrote positive statements about each other on paper leaves, assembled into a symbolic tree. This aims foster a genuine culture of appreciation and kindness amongst peers.

The schools also came alive with a sea of mismatched socks, reflecting the diversity and uniqueness of each individual within The Two Counties Trust community. ‘Odd Socks Day’ served as a visual reminder that differences are not only accepted but celebrated in our schools.

Anti-Bullying Week has been busy across The Two Counties Trust, with all our schools actively engaging. Together, we aim to amplify our collective voice against bullying, making a lasting impact on our school communities and beyond.